Bali an island with multiple kinds of beaches for any occasion

Bali is an island with many beautiful beaches. Whether you feel like relaxing or getting some kind of adventure, there is a beach that suits your mood. You can do scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing or you can just relax and have a suntan or a massage. The choice is yours. But whatever you do, you will experience a magnificent sunset, with beautiful colors of the sky as the sun sets down.

The most famous beaches in Bali are:

  • Kuta,
  • Sanur,
  • Nusa Dua,
  • Jimbaran,
  • Uluwatu,
  • Lovina beach


Kuta beach-night clubbers beach: Kuta lies in the southwest side of Bali, only 10 minutes from the DPS. This gives it the opportunity for a breathtaking landing experience. Kuta was the first resort that was discovered by surfers and hippies in the ’60s, with brown sandy beach. Because it is a west facing beach, you can enjoy the most magnificent sunset every day. Kuta is very touristic and thus very crowded beach. It is full of accommodation both luxurious and budget. Moreover there are lots of shops where you can buy everything. Don’t forget to bargain! There are many restaurants to eat fresh seafood and of course nightclubs. Actually Kuta is the Mecca of nightlife. That’s why it is suitable mostly for younger people rather than families. Kuta is reachable easily by public transportation.



Sanur beach- the traditional beach: Exact opposite from Kuta literally and metaphorically is Sanur beach. Sanur is at the southeast part of Bali. There you can see an amazing sunrise. Sanur is the first Balinese resort and it has kept its traditionalism. In Sanur you can experience the Balinese way of life and culture. It has long white sandy beach which makes it ideal for family vacations. In addition because of the fact that the water is usually calm it is suitable for diving and snorkeling as well as boating and other water sports. There are also some excellent restaurants where you can eat traditional and international cuisine viewing the sea.


Nusa Dua beach – the posh beach: Nusa Dua is a posh place with luxurious hotels in its sandy beach. It gives you the opportunity to choose between the clear waters of the northern part ideal for children and for snorkeling and diving. In the western part, during the wet season you can find great waves for surfing. Other facilities that you can find are the Golf and Country Club and many fancy restaurants where you can taste seafood and other traditional and international dishes.


Jimbaran beach- the dining beach: Jimbaran is the narrow neck of Bali and it has two different beaches. On the west it faces to Jimbaran bay with a beautiful sunset and on the east to Benoa harbor with an amazing sunrise. Jimbaran used to be a quiet place. After the building of Intercontinental Hotel and The Four Seasons Hotel it became more touristic. Although it hasn’t lost its calmness and it is an attraction for many families that choose Jimbaran Beach for their vacation. The water is calm and there aren’t many water sports activities available, unless they are provided by the nearby hotels. What makes Jimbaran beach popular is the dining experience. There are many restaurants on the beach. After sunset they set their tables on the sand and you can dine viewing the sun setting down. The restaurants offer fresh fish that local fishermen catch every day. You can enjoy you dinner accompanied by listening traditional music of wandering musicians.


Uluwatu beach – the surfers’ beach: Uluwatu beach is the surfers’ beach. The waves can be very high so it’s mostly for experienced surfers. The road that lead there is quite rough, but is more accessible than it used to be. In that way everybody can reach the beach even the ones that don’t surf and go there to witness the spectacle. There are small places that offer simple food and drinks, few masseurs and small merchandisers that sell souvenirs. When there is no surf the water is calm with white sand.


Lovina Beach – the peaceful beach: Lovina beach is a restful place in the northern part of Bali, that offers whatever Kuta does, but without being overcrowded. The beach has black volcanic sand. It is suitable for snorkeling and diving. There are also many restaurants and nightclubs. After sun rise you can go on a boat trip and see the dolphins playing with you. Close to Lovina beach is Bali’s National Park and is worthwhile to pay it a visit.