Bali cuisine and restaurants     


Bali’s eating habits

Bali apart from being a fantastic island with many sightseeing and things to do, offers a different gastronomical experience as well. Wherever you choose to eat, either in a big restaurant or a small shop you will taste the unique Balinese cuisine. The major ingredient of the Balinese cuisine is rice. It is accompanied by vegetables and fish or meat. Balinese people cook once a day, early in the morning and they eat three times a day, in the morning, at 11:00 and at sunset. They always eat with their right hand, as the left is considered impure. The host doesn’t usually eat with the guest. During dining, they drink water or tea. Balinese often eat quickly without much fanfare.

Bali cuisine: rice and spicy dishes

Indonesians eat rice every day. Rice consumption averages around 0, 5 kilos per day. This is the main ingredient in Balinese cuisine. The dishes include, except rice, cooked vegetables and meat or fish. The food always contains chilly spices, like sambal, garlic, ginger and red hot chilly peppers. Coconut is also important. They produce coconut milk (santan), grated coconut (nyuh kikih), coconut palm sugar (gula aren), and coconut vinegar (cuka nyuh). They make even an alcoholic drink out of coconut flowers, the Tuak. Two of the most popular dishes among tourists are nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice with a fried egg on top) and mie goreng (fried noodles with egg). The prices for those dishes range between 3.000 Rp to 15.000 Rp. Deserts are made of rice, too. The widely available is Black Rice Pudding. Other deserts are pisang goreng (fried bananas), peanuts in palm sugar, cooked peanuts and jaja (multi-colored coconut confectionary)

Where to eat

There is a place to eat for every budget. From fine and luxurious restaurants to small food stalls. Most restaurants in Bali are open until 22:00-23:00. But in touristic areas, especially in Kuta, there many of them that stay open until 24:00-01:00 or even in a 24h basis. Some tourist restaurants present special Balinese nights, featuring dishes such as suckling pig, a Balinese banquet favorite. For more simple there are the warung. Warungs are snack bars or wheeled cars that cater mostly for locals. Moreover there are kaki lima, which is a small three wheeled car pushed by young boys. Kaki lima means five legs that is three of the car and two of the boy. Nevertheless what ever your choice might be, it is unlike to taste the traditional Balinese cuisine, unless you are invited to dine with a local family. And for those you can’t eat Balinese cuisine, there are big international food chains like KFC, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut.