Bali currency is Rupiah. Become instant a millionaire!

Bali local currency is Rupiah. The banknotes that are available are Rp.100, 000, Rp.50, 000, Rp.20, 000, Rp.10, 000, Rp.5, 000, Rp.1, 000, Rp.500 and Rp.100. You can exchange money at the bank, at the hotel front office or at one of many money changers.

Bali currency exchange rate ( 22/01/2016 ) : 1€ = Rp 14,958.61  and 1$ = Rp 13,856.07

But you can also use both currencies Euro and US dollar, as they are accepted in most shops, hotels and restaurants. Don’ t try to pay in Euro or Dollar in open markets and small shops, though, because they are more likely not to be accepted or even worse you’ ll be deceived with the changes.

Credit Cards and cheques are accepted almost everywhere.

The credit cards that are accepted almost everywhere are Visa and MasterCard. You can also use bank cheques but very few banks accept them. In that case be careful of extra charges and commissions! Cheques only give you the feeling of safety in case they are stolen or lost.

Traveler’s tips

Bargain: In small shops and open markets you should bargain for a better price. You may save a lot of money! In addition in big shops and supermarkets the prices are fixed.

Exchange tips: Have a calculator yourself, so that you are certain that the exchanger is giving you the right exchange. Count the money carefully once and twice and make sure that they are correct before leaving. Furthermore, calculate in advance the money that you expect to receive. Also don’t accept torn or old banknotes otherwise they will be stuck on you. Notice that there are old and new kinds of banknotes. Last but not least don’t exchange a large amount of money.

Guidelines in dealing with the Rupiah: Rp. 100 000,- (pale orange & maroon) - worth about US$10, this is the biggest denomination, not often seen in circulation, and when shopping for smaller items in the market place, you may have difficulty in getting change for this larger amount .

Some money changers (especially around the Kuta area) consistently try to short-change their customers. This is not common with Ubud moneychangers, but you should still make a habit of checking. Authorised money changers usually offer better deals to change cash or traveler's checks (traveler’s cheques) than hotels or banks.

General tips: Exchange a small amount in your country for the first expenses. Always keep an eye at the exchange rates. Be careful of your money, don’t show them off and be aware of pick-pockets.

ATM’s: There are plenty of ATM’s in Bali where you can withdraw money.

Banks: Banks in Bali are usually open Monday to Friday from 8:00 till 14:00 and Saturday from 8:00 till 12:00.

Cheap paradise: Most foreigners find Bali extremely cheap and along with the beautiful scenery it is the perfect paradise for their pocket too!