Balinese Hinduism

The religion that is most popular in Bali is Balinese Hinduism. But there are also people who follow the rules of Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.  In Bali they believe in one superior being who is above all gods, the Sanghyang Widhi. He manifests himself in three forms:  Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver, and Shiva the Destroyer. These three formations are called Trisakti. The Balinese pay more attention in Shiva, though, because they want to please him in order to avoid any misfortune. In Balinese Hinduism there isn’t any texts or prays and almost everything is considered a form of god. The food, the flowers, the water it is believed that they have some kind of spirit. That’s why Bali is also known as ‘’the island of Gods’’. Balinese people are used to place offerings such as flowers or rice. The three basic offerings are: water, fire and flowers.

Mount Agung: the sacred mountain

There is one mountain that is considered sacred by Balinese and that is Mount Agung. It is believed that the mountain was raised by the gods and is where you return when you die. When the gods are disappointed by the humans they ‘’wake up’’ the volcano and large amount of lava runs from it.

Balinese wedding


As far as marriage is concerned usually are prearranged. But there are times that the couple is being eloped as well. Basically there are two types of wedding: ‘'ngerorod’' and ‘'mapadik'’. In the first case the whole ceremony seems like a theatrical play. The part of the groom ‘’kidnaps’’ the bride.

At first she and her family are against the wedding but finally they give in. In the second case, at ‘’mapadik’’ the wedding is prearranged and is between members of the same family, mostly cousins. It’s forbidden for the bride to marry someone from another social class. The bride belongs to the groom and his family. The bride’s father offers food and ‘’sirih’’ (a kind of agreement), while the groom’s part pay for the wedding.