Bali transportation – numerous choices

When getting in Bali it is quite easy to find a mean of transportation in order to go around the island. The main forms of transport are: bemos (mini buses), taxis, cars, motorbikes and bicycles. The choice is yours depending on your budget and your convenience.


Bemos – the local’s choice

It’s not difficult to find a bemo in Bali. A bemo is a minibus, a public transportation. As you walk in the streets you can hear from everywhere someone shouting ‘’bemo, bemo! transport, transport!’’. All you have to do is stop one. Bemos aren’t the most comfort means of transportation. Be prepared to travel not only with any kind of people, but with animals, as well! It is very likely to share your seat with a chicken! Moreover you should watch your personal belongings because there are registered several thefts that occurred inside a bemo. So be aware of pickpockets. Furthermore most of the times they don’t have air condition and it is very hot. You could charter a bemo if you want to avoid all this, but is more expensive and you won’t have the chance to experience the Balinese’s way of life. In any case it is a cheap way of getting around Bali.

Car rental – best choice for groups

Renting a car is a little bit more expensive solution but if you are a group of four or five people you can share the cost. In that way you can avoid any inconvenience, such as heat, smell, unwelcome fellow passengers and probability of being robbed. Be sure to check the car before hiring it in order not to pay later for damages that you didn’t cause. To rent a car you will need of course a valid driver’s license so remember to bring one if you consider renting a car.

A useful tip: Don’t full your tank because there is the possibility that somebody will steal at night your fuel with a bottle.


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Motorbikes – Be aware of accidents

Renting a motorbike is really convenient but can easily be hazardous, too. Not few tourists have lost their lives or at the better scenario spent their vacations in a hospital. Driving a motorcycle requires attention regarding the fact that most of the roads are narrow, with steep hills and overcrowded. Wearing a helmet is obligatory. You’d better bring your own cause the helmets that are given aren’t of good quality and they don’t provide you the necessary safety. To rent a motorbike, as in rent a car case, you’ll need a valid permit. Bring yours or you waste a lot of time in Police office to get one. Check the condition of the bike especially the breaks and the tires before paying for it.

Bicycles – cheap and flexible

Due to the fact that Bali is a small place you could get around by a bicycle. To rent a bike is an inexpensive solution and it gives you the flexibility to stop wherever you want. You should only take into consideration the danger of involving in an accident. The roads of Bali are narrow and busy so have you eyes wide open and be alert. Driving a bicycle doesn’t pollute the environment and is keeping you in good shape. Don’t neglect to check the condition of the bike.

Taxi – negotiate the fare

If you are willing to pay a little bit more for your transportation you can choose a taxi. Still there are some things that you should be careful about. First of all there is a fixed price for several destinations. Find them out in advance. Insist that the taxi meter is on, regardless that the driver is going to tell you that it is broken. This is a usual trick to full the unsuspicious tourists.

Useful tips

  •  In Bali you drive on the left side of the road.
  • Don’t forget to check the condition of the car, motorbike and bicycle before agreeing to rent it.
  • If you take pubic means of transportation be aware of pickpockets
  • Be aware what you pay either it is a taxi fare or a rental price for a car or a bike or fuel for your car.
  • There is always the option to go everywhere on foot. The cheapest and the safer way since distances in Bali are close.