There is an event in Bali every day

It is almost impossible not to come across some kind of feast during your stay in Bali. There are cultural and religious rituals and temple festivals in a daily basis. All you have to do is to be informed, in order to watch one or even participate. You can find information details in the give-away newspapers available in most hotels or at the posters.


Most important events in Bali

•             One very important holiday in Bali is Galungan. It’s about the victory of Dharma (the virtue) against Adharma (the evil).

•             Kuningan is the second most important event and is held ten days after Galungan. During that time the souls of ancestors are honored.

•             Then it is Nyepi the Balinese New Year and the day of the absolute silence throughout the island.

•             Imlek is the Chinese’s New Year.

•             Another feast day is Saraswati, a day in honor of Batari Dewi Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge.

•             Finally Pagerwesi is a special day for meditation to enhance balance in the world.

•             Not forget to mention the Indonesian Independence Day celebrated on August 7th when Indonesia achieved its independence from the Dutch.