Bali health issues     

Bali health: take precautions before travelling to exotic destinations

Nobody would like an illness or an accident to spoil his/her vacation. When they leave home, travelers are exposed to any kind of diseases. Especially when visiting developing countries. So is important to take all the necessary precautions before travelling.

Useful advices before travelling

Consult a doctor about any vaccination you may need to do before your trip. Some vaccines take a few days to be secure. Many tourists end up wounded by minor accidents so it is advisable to carry a small first-aid kit that consists of band aids, aspirins, antibiotic and antiseptic ointment, thermometer, sun cream and any personal medication always with the subscription. Furthermore it is essential to have a health insurance that covers any medical expenses, since if you need any medical treatment, without the insurance, you will have to pay for it.

Most common diseases

The most common disease in a tropic destination like Bali is malaria. It is an infection caused by a parasite that enters the blood stream through mosquito bites. Another widespread illness is typhoid, which is a bacterial infection caused by micro-organism called Salmonella typhi. It is usually acquired through the ingestion of contaminated food, milk, or water. When you are in Bali you should also never drink water that it isn’t bottled and choose carefully the place you are going to eat.

Hospitals and clinics in Bali

In most developing countries the health and hospital facilities still aren’t sufficient for the locals and the large amount of travellers. Nevertheless, there are some hospitals and clinics in Bali. First of all there is BIMC hospital, a new establishment near Kuta. It’s a 24h medical and emergency hospital. There is also an Emergency Clinic in Nusa Dua and other parts of Bali. Besides that you can call 112 to the Emergency Response Centre.