Bali: a place of two seasons! The wet period and the dry period.

Bali is situated only 8° south the equator that means that is a hot hot place! In Bali there aren’t four seasons as we know them. Instead there are two periods. The wet period and the dry period. The wet period is from October to March and the dry period is from April to September.


Bali weather - monthly forecast

Temperatures: Bali has an average temperature of 30C year round!

There is a slight difference in temperature between the two seasons. Bali has a tropical climate. That means that there is always high temperature around 31°C. Of course the temperature varies from seaside to mountains but only about 5°C max.

Wet season (October to March): Umbrella fashion

During the wet period you come along with the largest amounts of rain. It is common to rain heavily and continually half to one hour. So an umbrella is the basic accessory!  Because of the rain the humidity is also high especially near the sea.

Dry season (April to September): Hot but suitable for surfing...

During the dry season you can be relieved by a cool breeze all day long. Dry period is also surfers’ period. The western side is famous for its waves and surfers all around the world gathered there to do their favorite sport.

Best time to visit Bali is May, June, July & August !

The best period to come to Bali is during the dry season and especially in May, June, July and August. The temperature is very high, the humidity is a little bit lower and the chance for rain is almost unlikely. All you have to do is enjoy the sun in one of many beautiful beaches.